Waterproof 4 Circuit Breaker / Relay / Fuse Block

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Fuses went out of fashion in homes sometime around the 1950's in favor of the "modern" circuit breaker. The advantage of being able to reset a blown circuit without having to find a replacement fuse made it an easy decision to make the switch. With this Waterproof 4 Circuit Breaker / Relay / Fuse Block kit you can add this same level of convenience to your motorcycle.

If you have ever been on a ride well away from civilization and autoparts stores (usually where the best riding is found) and had your bike sputter to a halt with a blown fuse you know how frustrating it is to not have a spare. With circuit breakers you don't need to worry about a spare, if there is a fault, simply fix whatever caused it and the breaker will automatically reset. This feature can also be extremely helpful in debugging an intermittent wiring problem, because as you work your way through the loom when the problem is corrected the breaker resets itself letting you know you found the issue. Sounds too good to be true, right? But it actually works, and we prove it in our Tech Talk demo video!

This kit is based around a 3 circuit 100% waterproof fuse block that uses mini circuit breakers. It is pretty straight forward to replace the stock fuse block with this setup, just clip out the old block and connect the wires from either side of the fuse to the new circuit terminals. If you are new to the wires on your bike  its a good idea to do this one circuit at a time so the wires don't get crossed. But it really isn't that hard, especially on the older Honda's and Yamaha's which have notoriously bad fuse blocks. 

When you order you can pick the current ratings you need for your application, but REMEMBER, current rating is determined by the SMALLEST size of the wire used in the circuit, if you are not following the original fuse rating used in the stock fuse block you can use the table below as a guide for copper wire (tip: most bikes use 18-16 GA wire, but you should check for yourself).

Un-assembled: Comes as individual components so you can make a splice-free installation into your wire harness. (Note: The crimp terminals are open U / Double Barrel type and it is best to use an appropriate crimp tool; if you don't have one, we've got a good one that is inexpensive here. It is possible to get decent crimps with other tools, its not recommended, its a little frustrating, but if you are dedicated and operating on the cheap it can be done)


AWG Gauge #

Wire Dia 
Maximum Current 
20 .032 11
18 .040 16
16 .050 22
14 .064 32
12 .080 41
10 *** .102 55
8 *** .125 73
6 ***  .162 100
4 *** .204 13

 *** Not compatible with this kit, 12GA wire is the maximum for this housing, these sizes are included for reference only

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  • 5
    Easy, reliable, worth it

    Posted by Christian A. on Jul 2nd 2020

    If you need a waterproof housing and customizing a motorcycle this is a great product. It feels great and comes with everything you need. I ordered extra terminals just Incase too. Nice pieces 10/10 recommend