Waterproof 20-22 AWG Mini Wire Connectors - Mizu P25

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Years of experience with what doesn't work led us to what does. These Premium Waterproof Mini Wire Connectors are our go-to connector for making secure automotive grade connections with small gauge wires on low power circuits. Order a bunch of these if you're installing LED lighting and/or an M-unit for your build!
These IP67 rated waterproof connectors are the smallest connectors we could find that had all the features we needed. They are rated for 3 amps per contact, which is quite impressive for their size, but means they need to be used on appropriate applications. The kit comes as a complete male and female half including cable seals and terminals, along with spare terminals just in case one rolls off the bench or a crimp doesn't come out right. The cable seals fit 20-22 gauge wire and work perfect with the 22 gauge wire included in our Deluxe m-Unit Wiring Kit. Mizu P25’s are spec'd for wire gauges 20-22 AWG though we have on occasion been able to squeeze an 18AWG TXL wire in pinch. 
Here’s a short list of possible applications.

  • Handlebar control wires 
  • Turn signals, particularly bar end signals
  • Seat mounted tail lights or other electrics
  • Dash and Gauge wire connections. 
  • m-Lock
  • License plate lights
  • Keep in mind that these terminals are open-U type and they work best with the correct type of crimp tool.


  • Maximum Number of Circuits - 2,3 or 4
  • Wire gauge - 20-22AWG
  • Current - Maximum per Contact 4.0A
  • Max. voltage - 125V
  • Temperature Range - Operating -40°C to +105°C
  • Flammability - 94V-0
  • IP rating - IP67
  • Material - Resin Polyester

Download Mizu P25 - Waterproof Mini Connector Application and Assembly Manual Here

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  • 5
    Waterproof 20-22 AWG Mini Wire Connectors - Mizu P25

    Posted by Frank R. on May 26th 2021

    The connectors were just what I needed for wiring my Triumph Bonneville. Quality, size and waterproof was just whst I needed. The Honey Pot I also purchased from RevivalCycles was also used to dip solder all my connections. Real professional looking wiring upgrade wss the result of using these products. Good service and support was provided from RevivalCycles. Quality products are what I use on my upgrades

  • 5
    Best little connectors

    Posted by mason on Jan 13th 2021

    They do break, but only if subject to force it never should be. Excellent little connectors

  • 5
    Drawings are hard to come by, but quality connectors

    Posted by Craig R. on Aug 19th 2020

    I've pinned a lot of different connectors over the years, and these are easily the most compact weather sealed I've used. Finding drawings, exploded view, or a spec sheet wasn't the easiest thing, and the manufacturer doesn't offer much. Here's the main things: like most connectors (Deutsch, Metripack, Bosch), the female pins go in the male plug receptacle and the male pins go in the female plug receptacle. I hoped to find some drawings to provide stripping lengths and pin orientation for insertion into the receptacle body, but struck out. Ultimately they only go in one way and will click when they seat, but they're fiddly little buggers on account of the small size. I found that they would indeed take 18 gauge wire without too much difficulty, but the seal definitely was getting snug. Revival offers a great value assembling these as a kit, and their markup is quite modest compared to sourcing these yourself. I'd work with them again for sure.
    Note that the three pin receptacle is just a four pin receptacle with one port in the seal plugged. No dimensional difference.
    The small size is perfectly suited for sanitary installations on motorcycles running low amperage draw wires (e.g. Motogadget M-Unit installations).

  • 5
    Perfectly Small

    Posted by on Aug 18th 2020

    These connector pairs were just the ticket for my Dyna's wiring. Changing out and relocating the front turn signals required cutting the factory wiring. Instead of solder splicing, these connectors were small enough to hide the union behind the headlight. Much smaller than the Deutsch ones...

  • 5
    Mini wire connectors

    Posted by Larry N. on Jul 14th 2020

    Order extra terminals.
    It took a bit of practice to get the back of crimping....
    Great connectors. Easy to use.

  • 5

    Posted by Mike on Oct 1st 2019

    Even smaller and better made than I expected

  • 4
    Nice compact waterproof connectors with some little annoyances

    Posted by Eddie on Jul 3rd 2019

    These are great connectors and I've not had a single issue with them, quality-wise, though they are pretty easy to mangle if you're hamfisted with the connectors. The only real extensive issues I have with these are: First, I'd love to have a 5+ pin connector version instead of having to use the other connectors in combination. Second, as mentioned, the plastic is quite soft and the clips are easy to mangle with a small tool if you aren't careful. Third and last, if you accidentally mis-pin them or if you need to remove a pin to fix a crimp or what-have-you, they are extremely difficult to disassemble without damaging them, such that one of the two-pin connectors I ordered no longer accepts pins as the locking clip no longer can hold the metal pin in place. Other than those issues I super love all of these connectors I've used. More colors would be pretty cool too since then I could color-code them easier than using paint markers or heat shrink tubing on the wire.