Waterproof 20-22 AWG Mini Wire Connectors - Mizu P25

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Years of experience with what doesn't work led us to what does. These Premium Waterproof Mini Wire Connectors are our go-to connector for making secure automotive grade connections with small gauge wires on low power circuits. Order a bunch of these if you're installing LED lighting and/or an M-unit for your build!
These IP67 rated waterproof connectors are the smallest connectors we could find that had all the features we needed. They are rated for 3 amps per contact, which is quite impressive for their size, but means they need to be used on appropriate applications. The kit comes as a complete male and female half including cable seals and terminals, along with spare terminals just in case one rolls off the bench or a crimp doesn't come out right. The cable seals fit 20-22 gauge wire and work perfect with the 22 gauge wire included in our Deluxe m-Unit Wiring Kit. Mizu P25’s are spec'd for wire gauges 20-22 AWG though we have on occasion been able to squeeze an 18AWG TXL wire in pinch. 
Here’s a short list of possible applications.

  • Handlebar control wires 
  • Turn signals, particularly bar end signals
  • Seat mounted tail lights or other electrics
  • Dash and Gauge wire connections. 
  • m-Lock
  • License plate lights
  • Keep in mind that these terminals are open-U type and they work best with the correct type of crimp tool.


  • Maximum Number of Circuits - 2,3 or 4
  • Wire gauge - 20-22AWG
  • Current - Maximum per Contact 4.0A
  • Max. voltage - 125V
  • Temperature Range - Operating -40°C to +105°C
  • Flammability - 94V-0
  • IP rating - IP67
  • Material - Resin Polyester

Download Mizu P25 - Waterproof Mini Connector Application and Assembly Manual Here

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  • 5
    Mini wire connectors

    Posted by Larry Novotny on Jul 14th 2020

    Order extra terminals.
    It took a bit of practice to get the back of crimping....
    Great connectors. Easy to use.

  • 5

    Posted by Mike on Oct 1st 2019

    Even smaller and better made than I expected

  • 4
    Nice compact waterproof connectors with some little annoyances

    Posted by Eddie on Jul 3rd 2019

    These are great connectors and I've not had a single issue with them, quality-wise, though they are pretty easy to mangle if you're hamfisted with the connectors. The only real extensive issues I have with these are: First, I'd love to have a 5+ pin connector version instead of having to use the other connectors in combination. Second, as mentioned, the plastic is quite soft and the clips are easy to mangle with a small tool if you aren't careful. Third and last, if you accidentally mis-pin them or if you need to remove a pin to fix a crimp or what-have-you, they are extremely difficult to disassemble without damaging them, such that one of the two-pin connectors I ordered no longer accepts pins as the locking clip no longer can hold the metal pin in place. Other than those issues I super love all of these connectors I've used. More colors would be pretty cool too since then I could color-code them easier than using paint markers or heat shrink tubing on the wire.