Universal Single-Phase, Field Excited Regulator/Rectifier for Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries

$115.00 - $128.00
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For Single Phase Field Excited Charging Systems Only. This includes Vintage British Twins, and small to medium displacement bikes like Vintage Honda Twins CB350, CB450, CB500T, etc.) 

The Single-Phase Reg/Rec from Rick's Motorsports Electrics is a universal, dead simple solution for upgrading one of the most basic of all the charging systems, the single phase field excited alternator. This unit is a solid state combination regulator-rectifier that has a max charge output of 14.2v, optimized to work with Lithium batteries, however, it is still 100% compatible with Lead Acid chemistry like AGM and Gel Cell batteries.

Think of it as a modern replacement for the classic Tympanium or the separate Regulator and Rectifier modules on older bikes.

Add the Apex 2.8 High Amp Connector Kit  from the dropdown menu to include the best Reg/Rec connector on the market!

The key differentiators:

  • 14.2 Volt set point (Will keep the batteries topped up, but will not overcharge Lithium cells)
  • Rated upto 200 watts or 15 amps
  • Waterproof
  • Just 4-wire connections
  • Shunt type regulator using SCR’s