Universal Field-Excited 3-Phase Regulator/Rectifier for Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries

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For 3-Phase Field-Excited Systems only. (BMW Airheads, Vintage Moto Guzzi, CB750, CB550, XS650, etc.)

The Field-Excited 3-Phase Reg/Rec from Rick's Motorsports Electrics is the best UNIVERSAL solution we've found for upgrading your OEM field excited charging system.

A versatile and rugged combination regulator-rectifier compatible with both type-A and type-B field-excited systems. Technically this is a type-B regulator, but it works perfectly with type-A systems. Despite being engineered for optimized functionality with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, it is 100%, fully compatible with traditional lead acid chemistries (including AGM and Gel Cells). This reg/rec is our go-to solution for all our BMW Airhead, and vintage Moto Guzzi builds.

A worthy note, particularly for BMW Airheads, is this reg/rec ELIMINATES common charging issues related to the charging indicator light (GEN lamp) found in Bosch charging systems by eliminating its use altogether. This is achieved through a combination of its robust, reliable engineering and implementation of modern electrical knowledge and principles relating to motorcycle charging systems.  

The key differentiators:

  • 14.2 Volt set point (gets the batteries topped up without overcharging Lithium cells)
  • Simple installation and wiring instructions
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with all 12V 3-phase field-excited charging systems
  • Rated to 400 watts or 30 amps
  • Very low heat generation

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