Headlight Brackets

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Tommaselli Headlight Brackets mean business. Don"€™t let the understated look fool you into thinking that these aren"€™t any better than the flimsy $15 brackets you see on eBay by the score. These ears are cut from ¼"€ aluminum while the chromed steel clamps are so stout you may need a third hand to squeeze them to tighten them around the rubber sleeve. These motorcycle headlight brackets are great at dampening road vibrations. These headlight brackets can be used on a number of bikes and are terrific for your custom project.

Tommaselli has been manufacturing bars and controls since the Italian motorbike renaissance of the 1930"€™s. They survived the post war contraction to become a staple on Italian race bikes throughout the 50"€™s, 60"€™s and 70"€™s and today remain a name synonymous with quality and class.
Two lengths that fit the fork diameters below:
56mm Arm Length
  • Fork 31mm -32mm diameter
  • Fork 35mm -36mm diameter
78mm Arm Length
  • Fork 35mm -36mm diameter
  • Fork 37mm - 38mm diameter