Condor Adjustable Clubman Bars

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Once again Tommaselli hit's the mark with their Condor Plus adjustable clubman bars. Fitting nearly any bike who's clamps accept 7/8's bars they provide all of the position-ability of a set of clip-ons without the necessary modifications that accompany them all the while maintaining a period correct aesthetic on vintage machines. 


  •  Steel
  •  Chrome
  •  A - 725 mm
  •  C - 10 mm
  •  D - VAR
  •  22 mm
 For the proper working of the product it is absolutely necessary that the assembly on the vehicle is carried out by a qualified operator to assure the right product application.
 DOMINO and TOMMASELLI are not responsible for any consequence arisen from an incorrect product assembly, in particular where this activity is not certified by a skilled operator.
 The product is supplied in compliance with the general supply conditions available on our websites and, that the customer declares to have read carefully and accepted unconditionally before purchasing the product and once received it.
 Use only mild detergents. Too strong or corrosive cleaners could badly affect the handlebar finish and material structure.
 Handlebar and clamps inspection has to be part of the routine maintenance of your vehicle.
 Make sure that the screws are always properly tightened.
 Domino is not responsible for damages due to an improper use of the product.
 Replace the handlebar in case of permanent deformation due to shocks.
 Use this product on the tracks and private roads closed to traffic only.
 Follow the specified instructions carefully.
 Never scratch the surface of the handlebar, crossbar or clamps.
 Never loosen the handlebar clamps screws; in case of repairs tighten the screws by 9 ÷ 11 Nm torque. (For handlebars with crossbar only)
 Handlebar assembly sequence:
o Remove all controls from your vehicle.
o Remove any possible sharp edges on the upper and lower clamps of the fork plate.
o The handlebar shall be correctly assembled on clean handlebar clamps to assure the best resistance.
o Remove the original upper clamp and handlebar from your vehicle.
o Make always sure that the clamps on the fork plate are placed in the right position and its screws are properly tightened as per manufacturer’s instructions.
o Place the handlebar and upper clamp.
o Settle the handlebar position.
o Tighten the upper clamp screws.
o Before assembling the throttle control makes sure that the area is clean and the end free of burrs.
o Re-install the controls of your vehicle according to the procedure included in the manual provided with the same.
o Glue the left grip and make sure that it is strongly fitted.
o Check the free movement of the throttle tube before riding.
 This handlebar must be used on motorcycles only.