Safety Wire Kit

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Here is your all in one kit to safely wire your motorcycle like a pro! This single motorcycle safety wire kit will allow you to finish your custom build with a true authentic racer look, get your modern bike wired and ready for racing or make sure your off-road machine is truly trail ready and won’t leave you stranded in the middle of the woods.

We have put together a kit of QUALITY safety wire tools to help you on your way. It is assembled with safety wire pliers, safety wire and drill guides to make wiring your bike a snap. The safety wire pliers are race track tested and approved, with countless twists, cuts and angry tosses into the tool box with no complaints. The safety wire we provide is 304 stainless steel which will never rust, is compliant but not too “soft” and is the choice of aircraft and military mechanics world wide. The real value in this kit is the Safety Wire Drill Guide. This guide will allow you to perfectly align, guide and support those tiny drill bits across the corners of nuts and bolts and keep from breaking drill bits. This is the way it’s done in racing, the aerospace industry and they way it should be done everywhere!


Safety Wire Pliers

- Forged steel pliers, shot peened with precision ground clamping surface
- Superior clamping force and locking mechanism for one time set-up and no slippage
- Heavy duty spring and chromed slider for quick twist helix and spring-loaded returns
- Ball bearing puller for easy operation
- Anodized red for protection against scratches and the elements

Safety Wire

- Aircraft grade .032” diameter wire
- 304 stainless will never rust
- 1 lb. can

Safety Wire Drill Guide

- Multiple sizes for all of your bolt threads
- A clamp guide for all bolt heads and nuts to securely drill through