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Are you looking for brighter lights that look great and provide some of the highest visibility? With LED lighting module, you will have the capability to use a single color Flex strip to be used as a running light, brake light and turn signals as long as the original light configuration came with a center brake and turn signals on the outer section.


With this module installed, you will have the capability to activate your outside turn signals from flashing full brightness to full off, then back to full brightness. This functions with the original configuration set-up being split-in-half lights or two separate lights. The module will not function on motorcycles that do not have a center brake light or with factory signals that already have the running capability.


Want to add more to your set-up? Select the “Strobe” option ($39.99) and add that extra flare and visibility that’s always needed!




Dimensions: 2.75 in. x 1.65 in. x 0.71 in