Rock Paper Show: Flatstock Volume One

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The first decade of the twenty-first century marked a highpoint at the intersection of graphic design and music. Against the backdrop of the digital music revolution, the rock poster has suddenly reemerged as an art form, and as a memento or calling card of a remarkably talented group of artists and design studios. Rock Paper Show: Flatstock Volume One presents an editorial and visual history of Flatstock--the American Poster Institute's ongoing, nomadic series of rock poster exhibitions. Since its inception in 2002, Flatstock has evolved into the definitive showcase for the most heralded and innovative poster artists working today, among them Yee-Haw studio and Jason Munn, for bands such as Modest Mouse, Wilco and Spoon. This deluxe volume chronicles the first 20 Flatstock exhibitions, which took place in some of the most exciting cities for music in America--from San Francisco and Austin to Chicago and Seattle. Featuring 566 color photographs of posters, as well as texts by important collectors, bands, critics and the artists themselves, among them Rock Paper Show: Flatstock Volume One takes the reader on a behind-the-scenes look at the places and personalities at the heart of this vibrant and varied community.