Sguardo LED Bar End Turn Signal Indicator

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With its sleek, low-key design, Rizoma's Sguardo bar end turn signal indicator has quickly become one the most sought after bar end signals on the market.

Utilizes cutting edge SMD LED technology which is brighter than standard LEDs while using approx, 20% less energy. Think LED 2.0.

Signal housing is machined from billet aluminum for a lightweight, rugged design.

Designed to mount inside both 7/8" (22mm) AND 1" (25.4mm) handlebars.

Kit includes all necessary adapters for mounting handlebars with INNER diameter of 13.5 - 23mm.


Sold Individually

Note: Includes "bullet style" wire connectors for universal install. For a streamlined Plug in and Play install, check out Rizoma's Turn Signal Wiring Adapter Chart