Revival Full Frontal Tank Top - Maroon

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That transverse Guzzi motor certainly is a sight to behold from all angles, but especially the front. This shirt is a simple black-and-white image of the Revival Cycles Beto project, full-frontal so to speak. Scrawled on the back of the tee is a discreet and hand-written Revival logo.

A higher-quality alternative to traditional screen printing, our shirts are now printed using discharge ink, leaving you with an exceptionally soft, wearable tee. Discharge ink is a water-based solution that removes the dye in a shirt, allowing the new printing dyes to penetrate the fabric. This means no cracking, peeling, or bunching due to the multiple layers of prints required with a traditional screen printing process. Discharge printing leaves bright, soft, pliable tees that will last longer and look better. Each shirt is even pre-washed to allow you to wear it right when you get it.