Revival Cycles Signature Universal Throttle Cable Kit

$34.00 - $40.00
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Our Signature Universal Throttle cable kit contains all of the necessary components to help you build your own high quality, custom throttle cables for just about any throttle assembly known to man.

Installing a custom throttle assembly is easy. Finding high quality throttle cables that meet your exact specifications to ensure smooth operation without wasting valuable time and money?

Not so much.

We totally understand.

That's why we collaborated with the experts at Venhill Engineering to develop the most comprehensive Universal Throttle cable kit on the market. Our goal was to take the guesswork out of throttle cable fitment by providing all the necessary components and step-by-step instructions wrapped up in one cost-effective package, so you can get your project back on the road as quickly and painlessly as possible.


  • Spiral wound steel conduit covered in tough PVC.
  • Smooth action Teflon liner.
  • Galvanized steel cable for easy soldering and durability.
  • Each kit provides enough material to build a single cable along with a selection of ferrules, elbows, adjusters a variety of the most common nipples with a spare of each incase you you need a do over.
  • If you have a dual pull or push pull throttle you'll need 2 kits.

The kit includes:

    • 1.35 meters (4.4 feet/4 feet 4.8 inches/52.8 inches) of 6mm OD black PVC coated, spiral wound, Teflon lined outer conduit
    • 1.6 meters (5.2 feet/5 feet 3 inches/63 inches) of 1.5mm OD galvanized steel wire (7 x 7 strand)
    • 2 ferrules, 5mm OD nose
    • 2 ferrules, 6.5mm OD nose
    • 1 6mm x 1.00 x 32mm mid-adjuster
    • 1 6mm x 1.00 x 32mm adjuster screw with nut
    • 2 neoprene adjuster boots
    • 1 brass carburetor nipple, 3mm DIA x 3mm (1.9mm bore)
    • 1 brass barrel nipple, 5mm DIA x 7.5mm (1.9mm bore)
    • 1 brass barrel nipple, 5.75mm DIA x 5.5mm (1.4mm bore)
    • 1 brass barrel nipple, 6mm DIA x 4.2mm (1.7mm bore)
    • 1 brass barrel nipple, 6mm DIA x 8mm (2.1mm bore)
    • 1 brass barrel nipple, 6mm DIA x 10mm (2.1mm bore)

Cable Construction Guide

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