Replica Tommaselli Matador Levers

$42.00 - $59.00
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Italian controls of the 60s and 70s embodied a clean, classic styling that brings you back to a time when form was as important of a consideration as function. These classic replica Matador levers originally manufactured by Tommaselli are no longer available but fortunately these faithful reproductions have been brought to market by Emgo. 50 years ago, Tommaselli Matador levers were the preferred upgrade to OEM controls for trials and enduro bikes and often found themselves on track bikes and cafe racers.

While the word quality isn't necessarily the first thing you think of when you hear Emgo, they do make many great products and fill a valuable niche in our industry by reproducing scores of items that would otherwise be limited to NOS or lost to us entirely.

Available as a pair, or individually for either clutch or brake side.


  • 7/8" - 22mm fitment
  • Cast aluminum
  • 2 piece bar clamp
  • Bushed pivots
  • "Click stop" cable adjustment