Pro Funnel

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This product is temporarily out of stock. ETA: 6/18/21. 

  • Integrated shut-off valve allows a very precise amount of fluid to be dispensed
  • Graduation marks for cubic centimeters, fluid ounces and premix ratios
  • One liter (1 L) capacity
  • Easy to understand premix ratio graduations for 32:1, 40:1, 50:1 and 60:1 for one to three gallons
  • Adjustable ball-pivot spout allows easy, spill-free filling
  • Top cover keeps dust and dirt out when not in use
  • Magnet allows funnel to be stored on the side of the tool box
  • Large molded handle for secure grip
  • Reduced neck keeps funnel from dripping residue when funnel is laid on its side
  • Made from ultra-durable HDPE plastic
  • Tip size can be trimmed to fit your application