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The Park Tool Cable and Housing Cutter is a bicycle tool that fills a gap in professional motorcycle tool offerings and is must have for any one who builds their own cables. 

These cold forged precision cutters easily snip through cables without smashing or fraying ends. No more taping off and mashing a cable ends trying to use a pair of side cutters  with both hands to get through it. With meager hand strength I can cut through 2.5mm cable with ease. 

I've also found that these are great for trimming both 5-6mm wound index and 5-7mm braided cable housing, leaving behind a tidy end requiring minimal clean up. This also goes for the DIY braided Hydraulic Brake and Clutch line that we offer. 

After you've got your housing cut to length you can put the final touches on your cable housing by crimping the ferrule in place.




  • Cold forged, heat treated steel handles for strength
  • Precision ground cutting jaws for a clean cut on every cable
  • Built in crimper for cable end caps and forming hole for reforming housing ends and housing ferrules
  • As the crimper wears you can readjust the jaws to dial in the cutting results. 
  • Wire latch holds handles together when not in use