Adjustable Bar End Mirror

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**Sold individually**
The adjustable bar end mirror by Oberon Performance will fit either 7/8" or 1" handlebars with an internal diameter of 12-19mm or 22mm. CNC machined from T6 billet aluminum. The mirror can fold to 220 degrees which tucks the mirror in past the bar end for those narrow gaps. Adjustments can be made easily and on-the-fly.

The lens is first surface chrome glass and automotive standard convex (Mirror glass has a spherical radius of 1260mm) giving it superb visibility and weather resistance. The high quality anodizing leaves a silky sheen that will retain its looks for years.

The adjustable bar end mirror is more than just a mirror, it is a bar end weight solution too. The combined weight of the bar end mirror easily surpasses any OEM bar end weight. Also, due to the unique Oberon Performance design of collet fittings, the mirror will feel 'welded' to the handlebar as the collet will be forced to be bigger than the dimension it sits in.

To see which size you need, simply remove your existing bar end weight, measure the internal diameter of the handlebars and select the size(s) best suited. Full installation instructions are included with every purchase and technical support and advice can be sought directly from Revival Cycles.

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  • 5
    Bar end mirror

    Posted by Steve Hutton on Feb 26th 2019

    Very easy to fit , looks the dogs !

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    Top notch build quality

    Posted by Scott on Aug 28th 2018

    The build quality of the mirror is top notch. For sturdy and secure. Installation was extremely easy on my r9t.

  • 5

    Posted by Adrian P. on Mar 2nd 2018

    Excellent service and delivery. Thank you very much!

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    Well Made Highly Functional Mirror

    Posted by Jon A. on Dec 9th 2017

    When you lay hands on this mirror out of the box, you intuitively know someone who gives a crap made it. I installed it on some clubman handlebars on my 2013 Thruxton and fell in love with the look right away and continued to love it after a ride. It is very subtle on the bike and doesn't vibrate like the stock mirrors on the stock handlebars did - it stays clear no matter what RPM I have the bike at. The size and placement of the mirror might make one worry you will have difficulty getting much traffic feedback out of it, but that isn't the case at all. you cannot tell the surface is convex by looking at it out of the box, but you WILL know it is convex when you glance into it on the left side of your bike and see traffic in the RIGHT lane. It just rocks... I don't feel like I gave up an ounce of visibility by swapping from the stock to this mirror. In fact, I can tell if the car behind me is a cop now where before the vibrating indistinguishable blur could have been anything from a bread truck to a Miata on my stock mirrors. I love this mirror... :)

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    Best bar end mirror

    Posted by Enrique C. on Oct 5th 2017

    Very well made. Fit and finish are second to none. They do perfect with my r nine t scrambler!

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    Superb quality

    Posted by Tyler R. on Sep 8th 2017

    It is well machined and as described. It also stays put when riding and doesn't vibrate. Great mirror but you really have to wrench this down tight for a proper fit.

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    Great mirror

    Posted by Marcus S. on Jun 26th 2017

    Had one installed on my Triumph Street great
    One thing to take note of...if you need to fold the mirror in to split lanes...where will your hand go? The mirror folds either top or bottom of the you will need to choke up on the handlebar.

  • 5
    Great Mirrors

    Posted by William S. on Mar 27th 2017

    The mirrors are nicely made and work well. The folks at Revival are fantastic to work with.

  • 5
    Sleek and Stylish

    Posted by Todd G. on Jul 8th 2016

    These mirrors are a major improvement over the stock rabbit ears. The guys at revival set them up to be plug and play with your bike. I am super stoked.