Inductive Proximity Speedo Sensor M5

$51.00 - $53.00
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This inductive proximity sensor can be installed as an alternative speedometer sensor replacing the need for the use of the magnet / reed sensor that is included in the original kit. This can be pointed a large rotating metal part within the wheel and will sense it's speed. Think brake rotors and mag wheels. It is also possible to use the teeth of a sprocket or gear, basically any metal object that will pass by the sensor as the wheel rotates. These proximity sensors can also be a viable solution to replace incompatible factory speed sensors while maintaining the original mounting location, some custom fab required.

Please check your manual to see what your gauge requires.



  • M5 threading
  • 25 mm length
  • 2 nuts included
  • Cable length 150 cm

Please check your manual to see what your gauge requires:

NEGATIVE/GROUND signal - This is the most common one used with newer Motogadget instruments.

POSITIVE signal - This is very rarely used and is for use with older Motogadget instruments manufactured prior to about 2012, double check the manual and the gauge serial number.