m-Unit Blue

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The m-Unit Blue packs unbelievable amount of tech into a tiny package with a footprint smaller than the average smartphone. At it’s core a solid-state micro controller and fuse block replacement manages your bikes vital functions while providing a self-correcting monitoring system for electrical faults. In addition it offers scores of features while simplifying your system by replacing loose relays and modules with programmable solid state components that provide superior performance and long term reliability.

The new m.Ride phone app enables you to sync your phone with the m-Unit Blue via Bluetooth® LE technology giving you access scores of new features absolutely unique to this product. Not sure you want that level of connectivity? No problem, program and diagnose your m-Unit manually just like the V.2

Perhaps our favorite feature is the Secure Encrypted “Keyless Go” function allowing you to turn on the ignition with a tap of the start button while your phone in proximity like a modern luxury car, alternativly you can use your traditional key when your phone isn’t available.


Make sure you review all of the features in the new m-Unit Blue in the tabs above.

Revival Cycles is the largest provider of Motogadget products in the Western Hemisphere and when you shop with us you get a lot more than you pay for.  Not only are you helping us cover the costs of all the technical videos that the whole world refers to, you're also buying into an unparalleled level of support that can’t be matched by any ecommerce store on the web. We provide technical support derived from years of direct experience installing m-Units. and we have an understanding of the challenges and quirks you won't find answers for in the manual.


Features that do not require a smartphone and the m.ride App

  • Complete digital control using buttons possible with 4 or 5-button operation.
  • Complete replacement for the fuse box. 10 independent circuits are digitally monitored and switched off if there are faults. After the fault is rectified, the safety function is automatically reset.
  • Integrated alarm system that can be installed in any position.
  • Integrated, digital flasher relay that is load-independent; automatic switch-off optional and can be set; m.wave mode can be selected.
  • Integrated hazard warning light.
  • Turn signal can optionally be set as a positioning light.
  • Integrated parking light and Hi-beam flashing.
  • Lo-beam and Hi-beam (up to 200 W switched capacity) can be controlled using only one button.
  • Integrated, digital brake light modulator; flashing mode can be programmed.
  • Acceleration-controlled emergency brake light (automatic warning signal).
  • Integrated starter relay for the starter system with solenoid (up to 30 A switched capacity).
  • Intelligent and configurable management/switch-off of power consuming devices so that the maximum starting energy from the battery can be used when starting the bike.
  • Integrated, digital horn relay.
  • Two configurable additional outputs AUX1 and AUX2.
  • Diagnostics function for assigning inputs, outputs, the circuit switching status, short circuit diagnostics etc.
  • Current measurement enables faults to be detected on all lights suchs as headlights, turn signals, brake lights etc.

Features requiring smartphone and the m.ride App

  • Encrypted connection via Bluetooth® LE (Low Energy) for manipulation protection and lower smartphone and m.unit blue energy usage.
  • Keyless Go (the on-board electrical system is switched on when you approach the bike with your smartphone).
  • Alarm events are sent via Bluetooth® to the App (with date, time, vehicle on the floor etc.).
  • Alarm system mode and sensitivity can be adjusted.
  • The on board voltage can be monitored in the App.
  • Diagnostics on all inputs and outputs; current, voltage and device temperature measurement.
  • Real-time audio fault messages issued via the helmet headset.
  • Outputs can be switched manually via smartphone (except for starter).
  • Firmware updates provided anywhere via smartphone and App without removal.
  • Setup menu can be configured anywhere via smartphone and App without removal.
  • Speedometer input for comparing the vehicle mileage with m.ride can be used for vehicle management with automatic alerts for maintenance tasks, the condition of the tires, chain, brake pads, oil, operating fluids, spark plugs etc.
  • Logbook for recording journeys and displaying the vehicle status, alarm events and maintenance tasks.
  • Parking position display and Ping! for help locating the vehicle.
  • LIN bus connection for connecting to compatible motogadget products at a later date.

Included components

  • m.unit blue
  • Approx. 500 mm (20") connecting cable for battery positive terminal with 10 mm²  (7 Gauge) cross section
  • 2 cable eyes
  • 1 x M5 stainless steel bolt
  • 2 x M5 stainless steel bolts with hex nuts
  • 1 x speed sensor with 2 magnets
  • Detailed installation and operating instructions

Dimensions and specifications

L/W/H: 101 x 61 x 28 mm (4" x 2.4" x 1.1")
Weight: approx. 180 g
Mounting: 2 x M5 screws, stainless steel (mounting and ground terminal), 1 x M5 screw-on terminal for battery positive
Operating voltage: 6V - 20V
Operating temperature: -20 °C... +80 °C


1 x input (+12V switched) for ignition lock or m-Lock
11 x control pilot inputs (minus/ground, switched) for left turn signal, right turn signal, low beam/high beam, starter, horn, brake light, kill switch, kick stand switch, LIN-Bus, AUX1 and AUX2


10 x Outputs (+12V) for left turn signal, right turn signal, Lo-beam, Hi-beam, starter, horn, brake light, ignition, AUX1 and AUX2

The m.ride App is now available for Android (from version 6.0) and for iOS (from iPhone 5). The modern Bluetooth® LE is used to couple the m.unit blue with the smartphone. This requires certain requirements for the smartphone’s hardware. 

USER MANUAL for download for installation and use.

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  • 5

    Posted by Kyle H. on May 10th 2020

    I like the product and would recommend to anyone looking to require a bike!

  • 5
    Munit blue

    Posted by Donny on Jun 21st 2019

    This is by far the best way to wire a motorcycle. Its versatile and dummy proof. I cant enough great things about it.

  • 5
    1 Step Forward

    Posted by Roberto R. on Jun 12th 2019

    This unit is 1 step forward on the Motorcycle Restore generation... It just makes my build so, clean, simple and neat. Easy to setup and there's a lot info here that help on the installation.... 100% recommended.

  • 5
    The m unit blue is a great addition to the bike

    Posted by Michael d. on Mar 1st 2019

    I've watched the m unit blue on revival cycles YouTube channel more than 100 times, which convinced me to buy this product. Thank you for explaining it so well and showing the ins and outs of the m unit blue

  • 2
    M unit blue

    Posted by Justin on Jan 2nd 2019

    On bike the product works great, but interface with the app and their customer support is horrible. Been trying for months to fix a problem and have not had it resolved. The accuracy of the odometer is also very poor.

  • 5
    Bought this because of Rivival Cycles!

    Posted by Tom B. on Aug 26th 2018

    I have been looking at the m.unit for quite some time waiting for iOS compatibility. Once that happened, I think I watched Stefan's m.Unit videos more times than I care to admit....that sold me... along with a ton of other "gotta haves" (wire harness, m.Switches, m.Button, etc etc). I don't think I would have gone this direction if not for Revival Cycles videos and support! I installed all of this myself, and it has been running flawlessly the past few months. Thanks Guys!

  • 5
    Good service and communication. The

    Posted by William B. on Mar 19th 2018

    Good service and communication. The unit was out of stock, but you guys did your best to keep track of my order and follow through. thanks

  • 5
    Far better than my very high expectations

    Posted by Tom S. on Mar 19th 2018

    The m-unit blue is absolutely amazing. I purchased it when it became one too many relays. Jeff provided a personal review of my wiring diagram that was far above the call of duty.

    My initial desire was to simply clean up wiring on my bike but I bought the wiring kit, the plastic loom, the split loom and the thing looks fantastic.

    The stuff that I found amazing and great were:
    - status lights of all inputs / outputs: If you pressed kill it turns of the coils, press and hold and it turns coil input back on and you can tell by lights.
    - current drops of all inputs / outputs: amazon asked the watts of my headlight and could pop the device display and see current drop for hi/low. Amazing
    - alarm sensitivity - 6 settings: Can set alarm to warn with a touch of handlebar or when I roll six feet out the garage.
    - turn signals as running lights / brake light flash settings: Can turn the turn signals to go on with a various levels of brightness and many options for brake light flashing.
    - bluetooth on: I did not think i would use this but it is cool. I am kick start and had to add a momentary pushbutton to start pin but i can set distance to enable, turn signals flash, push button and am off. To power off double click start button. have a motogadget RFID m-lock but have not used it since but have as a backup.

    Programming the settings over bluetooth is so simple and so glad I got the blue tooth version. In addition the bluetooth works in parallel with my helmet bluetooth and will make an audible click in my helmet to remind me the turn signal is on.

    Have not installed speed sensor yet but with that it gives maintenance warnings based on mileage. I tell everyone that the electrical system on my 50 year old motorcycle is better than my 2 year old car.

    Thanks to Jeff for his help, thanks for having everything I need in one place, and Stefan for the awesome tutorial videos... I cannot say enough good things about Revival and about the m-unit blue. Friend who recommended bought before blue was available and now I am so happy to have waited.

  • 5
    m-unit blue

    Posted by ray r. on Feb 10th 2018

    Overall, I'm super impressed with Motogadget. This device is amazing like the v2, but with the added blue tooth capability. I am using it with an i-phone and it doesn't always connect with the blue tooth.

    4 things to note:

    1-I have been using a v2 M-Unit set up for 4 M-switches. I have used the light/left signal to start the bike. The m-unit blue really needs a stand alone start button (I hadn't seen that as a requirement prior to installing) if you are going to use the key-less start function.

    2-For some reason the M-unit blue has you 'sync' the miles/km to a 30 second ride at a constant speed. I would have thought they would use a tire diameter/impulses per revolution index like the chronoclassic I have on the bike (more precise and would track exactly like the odometer)

    3-Since the bike doesn't always connect with blue tooth without restarting the app or re-establishing the blue tooth in the settings, I'm not sure I'm ready to use it for keyless starts. Maybe as the m-ride app gets updated some of these nuances will be improved.

    4-the new interface is so much better for the 'settings'. Even little things like being able to turn on/off the parking feature, alarm settings, keyless start, etc. Also, I love the m-ride features of storing information about the bike. I recently got a ticket for not having registration and proof of insurance on my person when I got pulled with the m-ride app, it's all there for all 3 bikes I ride. I think the M-unit blue is the biggest advancement in custom motorcycles since CNC machining, but maybe more significant.