m-Stop Digital Light Controller

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The m-Stop from Motogadget is an adjustable digital light controller for increasing road safety.

Pulsating brake lights are already used in many luxury class vehicles. By flashing the brake lights, the standard brake light becomes a conspicuous warning light (various flash modes can be adjusted). The traffic behind reacts faster and is better able to recognise when the motorcycle is braking. Reaction times are shorter and so may even prevent rear-end collisions. This is an important safety feature for all two-wheelers who are often easily overlooked.

Furthermore, custom bikes often use small hidden tail and brake lights, which further limits visibility. This point alone makes the m-stop worth installing.

In addition, the m-Stop can also be used as a normal flasher relay or as a flasher relay with automatic switch-off after 20 seconds!
Never drive with continuous flasher when you forget to switch it off.

Use as a brake light control:

- incredibly small and lightweight - just a cable with a tiny device in a size of a candy
- laying cables together with the m-Stop inside a handlebar, frame tube or directly on the wiring loom
- choose under six different flash styles
- almost load independent operation (min. 1 W)
- suitable for almost all LED tail-light / brake-light units and all standard brake lights
- very easy to install - just connect two wires
- short-circuit proof
- automatic overload shut down
- safe against high voltage spikes
- no generation of heat during operation
- also suitable for 6 V vehicle voltage systems
- instant and loss less brake light operation
- waterproof and shock resistant

Use as a flashing relay:
- almost load independent (min. 1 W) - always stable flashing frequency
- suitable for almost all flasher types: LED, Micro size, 10 Watt, or 21 Watt
- perfect for custom bikes with limited space - no more clumsy OEM flasher relay
- it works with 1, 2, or 4 flashers
- Instant, loss less and brighter flash light operation
- very easy to install - just connect two wires

  • 26 mm x 12 mm x 10 mm length of connection cables 2 x 60 mm

For more documentation about the use and installation of the Motogadget m-Stop, you can consult the manual here. For the Extended Wiring Scheme click here.