Breakout Box - B

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The Motoscope Pro - Breakout Box B allows you to use all the functions of the Motogadget Breakout Box-A with additional functionality, including monitoring the engine temperature, air temperature, and oil pressure. This product is designed for use exclusively with the Motogadget Motoscope Pro.

Small dimensions allow for accommodating the numerous hidden cables and breakout box somewhere on the vehicle.
Between the box and the motoscope Pro there is only a single cable for signal transmission required (m-bus).

The Breakout Box - B is also sealed waterproof and resistant to vibration.

All Motoscope Pro indicator lights, temperature and oil pressure signal cables are connected to the msp Breakout Box B. The convenient screw-type terminals make for easy connections. The msp Breakout Box is molded-in water proof and vibration-resistant.

NOTE: The Breakout Box - B is only compatible with the latest Motoscope generation. If you currently have the older, first generation motoscope, the Breakout Box - B will not be compatible.



Dimensions (LxWxH): 28 x 53 x 10 mm

Inputs for: Tank capacity / reserve, oil pressure switch, right/left turn signal right, high beam, neutral, engine warning light, oil temperature, water temperature, outside temperature, oil pressure.





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    Breakout Box Magic

    Posted by Christopher W. on May 12th 2017

    Initially I wasn’t sure why the breakout box was really useful as opposed to just having all the wires go to the gauge, but after doing extensive rewiring and having had to come up with some additional circuits to make everything work on my bike, it makes a ton of sense. First off this is not some flimsy little plastic thing, it feels like a solid brick of aluminum. Second it makes it easy to bring all your wiring mess to one spot, then run one little wire to the gauge, keeping the clutter down on what’s going to the front of the bike. Given the fact I needed to put other circuits in to feed the gauge, that worked out perfect. All the wiring comes into one dry spot and then gets fed out nice and neat while the sensitive stuff stays protected. Further, the box is small. I bought a crimper and crimped on all the wire end protectors, then used marine shrink tube to make the wire ends sturdy. Once the little terminals were all screwed down everything was as snug and sturdy as you could wish for. Easy to wire, easy to keep track of what’s what, and easy to rewire during testing. It’s a great solution and works (so far) exactly like you’d want.