Metri-Pack Single ATO/ATC Fuse Holder 14-12 AWG, 46Amp

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If you just need to house a single fuse this automotive grade Metri-Pack 630 series Fuse holder is as good as they come. 

We use these in the work shop anytime we need a fused connection. The terminals are easy to crimp, have a spring tentioner that provides unquestionable continuity, they're water tight and have a convenient mounting tab. 

If you're upgrading your electrical system or adding new components, don't rely on dodgy GMA tube fuses that can fool you into thinking they aren't the issue or the unreliable fuse holders that come with Motogadget products.

 The Terminals are sized for ATO/ATC fuses but you may be able to use a smaller ATM fuse because of the spring clip terminals. Unfortunately, the cap will not allow fitment of the the taller ATM circuit breakers we offer here on the site.

Included in the kit:

12 ga Fuse terminal: 4

Terminal Housing: 1

Cap: 1