Men's File Magazine - Issue 09

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Men's File Issue 09 - Men's File Collaborates with Clutch

Men's File collaborates with Clutch, a Japanese-based style magazine, to distribute a one-of-a-kind uniquely bound package. This new collaboration offers an international profile of style regarding all things mid-century. This issue is twice the size, with twice the photography and twice the reading. The latest issue of Men's File includes a tour of Pendleton's blanket factory, a piece about the Australian Chrysler Valiant Charger, and much more.



Clutch Magazine + Men's File interview with Nick Clements from Helmstyle on Vimeo.


Men's file started as a journal that brought together styles from the UK, Northern Europe, the US and Japan.  Mixing moderninst and mid-century motorcycle, hotrod, cycle skate and surf cultures with a new interest amongst style-driven males for hand-made items, Men's File has used the term "Revival" to describe this phenomenon and thus it fits with our notions of style, heritage and social relevance succinctly.  Revival today is a reaction against the values and aesthetics of the so-called metro-sexual man and the whimsical presentation of modern male fashion.  Not since the edgy fanzines of the punk era has a magazine acted as a cultural editor for a particular style-based movement.