LiFePO4 Optimized MOSFET Permanent Magnet Regulator/Rectifier

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For Permanent Magnet Charging Systems Only. Bikes from the mid 80's to present. 

If your separate regulator and rectifier or combination Reg/Rec is 20+ years old it is time for a new one, after that many years, it's just a matter of time before it fails. This is particularly important if you’re installing a lithium battery, as they are not tolerant of excess voltage, or undercharging. MOSFETs style reg/recs like this one and the FH020AA from Shindengen are the current state of the art in motorcycle regulator rectifiers, they are more efficient, more stable, and more reliable than the sixty-year-old tech your charging system was designed with.

Rick’s Motorsports Electrics is the first manufacturer to offer a MOSFET style reg/rec that is optimized for Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries but is also compatible with traditional lead-acid batteries. We made a call to Ricks Motorsport Electrics and had them put together a universal kit that includes the right terminals and connectors so you can now install this new tech on any motorcycle with a permanent magnet type charging system. As a bonus of going with a Ricks MOSFET is you know it is genuine quality and not a fake from an overseas supplier. Lastly, for those of you with field excited systems check out the 10-504. 

That's right, these can be installed on single phase or three phase systems. Although they are designed for three-phase systems, there is no problem dropping one AC leg and running on a single phase setup. When running as single phase the output rating is reduced by 33%.


  • Lower 14.2 voltage set point that is optimized for lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and won’t shorten their lifespan by low level overcharging. 
  • MOSFET technology for much lower heat generation in the reg/rec
  • Waterproof automotive connectors, including housings, terminals, and cable seals
  • A connector is integrated into reg/rec making packaging cleaner and easier
  • Rated to 600 Watts or 50 amps for 3-phase and 400 Watts or 30 amps in single phase (very few charging systems can produce even 1/2 that much power)
  • No possibility of fakes like on eBay or Amazon

Kit includes:

  • Reg/Rec
  • 5 - cable seals
  • 7 - terminals
  • 1 - black connector housing
  • 1 - grey connector housing


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    RICK'S MOTORSPORTS LifePo Optimized R/R

    Posted by Charles on May 19th 2020

    You can tell this thing is quality the moment you hold it in your hand! It came with everything I needed to wire to my bike easily. It is a little bigger than the OEM, but it still fits in the same location. I will be using this R/R on my future projects.

  • 5
    Look No Further

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 15th 2019

    If you are looking for a top quality lithium capable regulator/rectifier, look no further. This regulator/rectifier was easy to install on my GS450 and screams quality! I love the waterproof connectors that easily pop in and out, and was able to verify the correct voltage output via my multi-meter. Buy this, you won't regret it.

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    Flippin Awesome

    Posted by Adam Spitzer on Oct 22nd 2018

    I got this for my lithium-ion battery, and it works like a champ. The instructions were simple but laid out well, And it ran my battery up to 14.2 volts...perfect! Thanks to the mounting points I was able to attach the whole thing to my custom wooden side panels. In case you did not see it on the box, make sure you use dielectric grease on the connectors before finally clamping them in. Also, do not try to solder the connectors to your wiring, they will not me I tried. I just ended up crimping them with some pliers and they worked great. Also, if you own a 1983 HONDA SHADOW VT750, this WILL work. Do not worry about the order of the 3 phase wires, just plug them in any way you want (that's what the box said). Also, I LOVE companies that give you stickers in the box! Awesome product and can't wait to see how long it lasts. Thanks guys