Honey Pot - Control Cable Dip Soldering System

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There are lots of inadequate ways to build a cable. At Revival, we believe that where safety is concerned, just getting the job done is NOT a viable option. Motorcycle cable-building deserves a truly professional approach or none at all.

For this newest all-encompassing method, we tracked down the manufacturers for the various components needed to produce control cables at a professional level, then gathered those components into an affordable simple-to-use kit. Making cables isn’t actually all that difficult when you have the right tools and materials. We provide all of that, along with accompanying written and video instructions on just how to do it right the first time.

The Revival Honey Pot Kit provides a soldering pot with enough solder and flux to assemble dozens of cables before you’ll need to re-up on materials.

The added benefit is that this kit has other uses. It can also be used for tinning wire strands, dip-soldering electronic connections, and small PCB boards. (Instruction on much of that is coming SOON.) So put this in your cart now, start taking your cable game seriously, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to be a PRO.


  • Dip solder pot with 36mm diameter crucible, temperature range 200-480ºc
  • 100gr Sn63/Pb37 - tin/lead, flux-free solder
  • 10ml noncorrosive liquid pine rosin flux


Other tools that we sell to do this the "right way” are the Park Tools Cable and Housing Cutter and Bird Caging Tool from Venhill, both of which we sell and support.


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  • 5
    Honey pot

    Posted by James on Jun 30th 2021

    Life is too short not to own this tool at this price!

  • 5
    Honey Pot Solder Pot

    Posted by Tim on May 7th 2021

    almost burned the house down first time I used it, it should have some markings for heat level! filled the basement with smoke which was probably a health code violation when too hot honey pot flashed when I dipped the cable in... best to do in a well ventilated / outdoors area! kits works great and very happy with the results after a bit of a learning curve :)

  • 5
    Honey Pot

    Posted by Price C. on Feb 16th 2021

    Gents, you know me. I do try my best at all times but I was a tiny bit frustrated when I received my Honey Pot a few weeks ago. First I give 5 stars because the physical bits are top notch. No question about it but that is not my issue at the moment. And even though I was stuck I knew you guys will address it. To be sure, I've soldered ends onto motorcycle cables before but was never happy with my job. Yes, it always worked 100% but I always felt I was missing something. Then I saw your posting of the "Honey Pot" cable soldering system and along with that were these words: We provide all of that, along with accompanying written and video instructions on just how to do it right the first time.
    Sadly, there were no written instructions or videos in my box of goodies nor anything pointing to where I could find this information. I see them now on your web site but please, for everyone's well being, send along a little note in the box with links to your online information for turkeys like me to do this as well as can be done. All that aside, this is top quality stuff and I appreciate what you guys do . I look forward to more education down the road. Thank you.