Helmet Cleaning Kit

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Remember when you laid eyes on your spankin' new Hedon helmet for the first time? Way back before all the scuffs, road grime, and greasy fingerprints? Before the leather felt like lizard skin and the interior smelled like a farty old pickup truck seat? Well, here's your chance to turn back the clock! Hedon's Helmet Care Kit has everything you need to get your Hedon tip-top just like the day it arrived.   

Hedon is world renowned for unrivaled quality and craftsmanship and this helmet care kit is no exception.

Proudly made in England by folks that KNOW helmets.

Kit Includes:

1.) Helmet Cleanser to GENTLY de-grime the outer shell and hardware. 
2.) Odor Eliminator to restore that "new helmet" smell to your interior. 
3.) Leather Cleaner to keep all that nice fancy leather clean and supple.
4.) Microfiber Cloth to keep you from scratching up the sexy finish.
5.) Fancy Storage Tin that keeps it all together and makes your workbench look way cooler than it did before you had it.