Vintage Boxer T-Shirt

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Picture yourself cruising on a vintage BMW motorcycle down a Texas hill country road on a warm sunny day. Wind flowing through your hair as you take the next curve to zip by a few grazing longhorn and bluebonnet fields. You stop at an old abandoned gas station to take a break and collect your thoughts. Then you're just imagining all of it. Lucky for you that experience is now embodied in one of our 100% cotton, super soft T-shirts!

Our BMW Boxer Tee is the perfect addition to your shirt collection. It comes in a pebble color with the state of Texas print sitting behind a vintage BMW and our Handbuilt Motorcycle Show script below it.

Our T-shirts aren't $28 shirts just because that's where we set the price. They are twice as good as your Hanes Beefy Tee in every way considerable. 

For printing we use a higher-quality alternative superior to traditional screen printing known as discharge. Discharge ink is a water-based solution that removes the dye in a shirt and replaces it with a new dye. The end result is a bright, soft, and pliable image that won't crack, peel or bunch like screen printed garments.  

They are crafted from premium materials that are airlume combed and ring spun, the result being 2.5x more impurities are combed out opposed to standard ring spun cotton, making for a t-shirt with less stray fibers and a tightly-knit print surface. Side-seamed assembly ensures a fit for any body type, height, or weight. 

All of our t-shirts are dyed and cut here in the USA and are manufactured in a Platinum W.R.A.P. certified factory. This ensures safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing which includes human resources management, health and safety standards and environmental/eco-friendly practices like using new, more efficient dye machines that require 7x less water than other clothing manufacturers.