Dynatek 6-Volt Dual Plug High-Performance Ignition Coils

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**Coils are sold individually** 

DYNA Coils from Dynatek are high quality coils designed for maximum performance. Made to easily replace stock coils and have spark output in excess of 35,000 volts, these coils are unparalleled on the market. 

Dyna Coils are ultrasonically welded sealing against moisture and do not have exposed laminations, which are susceptible to rust and degrade performance and the high voltage primary terminals that are machined from brass. 

DYNA Coils work with point ignitions, aftermarket electronic ignitions as well as factory electronic ignitions.

  • Accepts 7 to 8.8mm wires
  • For use with Dyna S ignitions, factory installed electronics, or other aftermarket ignitions using dwell control.
  • Coil Measurements  -
  • 7.2in (188mm) entire length x 1.88in (48mm) width x 2.3in (54mm)
  • Peak gap current in excess of 50mA
  • Use two DC2-1, 1.5 ohm coils, connected in series for each cylinder. Since these coils are dual tower, one tower of each coil must be shorted to chassis ground.
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty

*Before selecting a coil check the primary resistance requirements (OHM) as specified by the manufacturer of the ignition being used.