Buildaline High-Performance Brake Fittings

$7.54 - $25.95
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Goodridge Banjo Fittings are manufactured from stainless steel and available in Chrome or Black finishes. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY 
Goodridge's Buildaline series allows builders to create exactly the line they need for almost any custom application. 
If you're running vintage brake systems installing new stainless woven brake lines are a simple way to increase braking performance, shorten stopping distances and eliminate spongy lever feel.

Goodridge's Build-A-Line custom brake line series has been engineered to provide supreme braking performance. Goodridge lines won't expand during braking like OEM manufacturer and older rubber lines, resulting in more braking power with less effort at the lever. 
Every line is  pressure tested during assembly to ensure they are leak free, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.