BMW Airhead and Moto Guzzi Lithium Optimized Reg/Rec

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The Type-B Reg/Rec we offer has proven to be so popular for BMWs and Guzzis that Rick's Team is now assembling this specific version for Airheads & Moto Guzzis with Bosch alternators.

This unit replaces both the zener diode board and the regulator with a more efficient integrated regulator/rectifier with a 14.2V output optimized for lithium chemistry batteries while also being compatible with more lead-acid and AGM batteries. 

 Functionally this reg/rec is identical to the Universal (TYPE-B) Field Excited Regulator/Rectifier that we offer and have recommended in the past. This 14-0012 reg/rec includes an extra-long length of wiring sheathed in loom so that you can mount this reg/rec somewhere discrete that will still allow airflow over the fins along with the correct terminals to make this a plug and play solution. 

 You can find an installation guide in the link below. 

14-0012 REG/REC Upgrade For BMW Airheads and Moto Guzzi's With Bosch Charging Systems