Battery Tender Leads (Fused)

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The Quick Disconnect Harness is a great addition to each of your motorcycles, every bike that's serviced at our shop get's one installed as a matter of policy. Battery Tender chargers come with this harness, but it's a good idea to have one connected to each of your bikes to save time when charging or using any of the Battery Tender accessories - like the USB Charger. Just leave the harness connected to the leads on your battery easily connect to and disconnect from your charger.

  • Constantly monitors the battery without the damaging effects of trickle chargers (a trickle charger will eventually boil dry or overcharge a battery)
  • Battery Tender Plus' voltage output compensates for temperature changes, providing additional protection
  • Initial charge brings battery to full charge at approximately 14.6V
  • After full charge is reached, converts to float charger and monitors battery at 13.2V
  • Although a constant charge is being applied to the battery, there is little or no current draw (approx. 100A)
  • Periodic maintenance is recommended, but Battery Tender® can monitor a battery for years without the fear of boiling or destroying the battery
  • 12V Battery Tender® Plus has fused quick-disconnect rings with a weather cover

NOTE: Earlier model Battery Tenders have a WHITE snap cord connector; later models have a BLACK snap cord connector. These snap cords are NOT interchangeable.