Bat-Pac Battery Eliminator

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Bad habit of forgetting your keys in the ignition? With a Bat-Pac you’ll never be stranded again!

Developed for road racing and in production for over 20 years, the Bat-Pac will allow you to dump that dodgy old battery


  • Simple Positive and Negative connection.
  • The Bat-Pac weights in at 2.5 ounces. Size is 1x1x2.5" (Aluminum case epoxy filled)
  • The aluminum housing is coped to securely mount to the frame using the included strap.
  • Works with 6V and 12V systems as well as both Positive and Negative Ground systems.
  • The Bat-Pac's voltage output is better at idle, and more stable and cleaner at all R.P.M.'s 
  • The Headlight is brighter at idle than with a good battery on most models.
  • When Used in conjunction with a battery it will balance the voltage output for more stable power distribution.
  • The Bat-Pac is built to endure extreme conditions and temperatures of  +105C / +221F.
  • The Bat-Pac is maintenance free, and has a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.


Will work on almost any carbureted, kick start only, 3 phase permanent magnet system including Vape ignitions.




Early charging systems from 1980 and back that do not have a regulator and rely on the battery to shunt excess voltage are not compatible. You’ll blow bulbs and experience erratic behaviors.


The Bat-Pac may not meet state inspection standards as the vehicle lights will not operate without


Known Compatible OEM Systems:


Yamaha - RD400E,F, and G from the UK. RD400F, and G from Canada RD350LC 1980-82

RZ350 RZ500 TZR250 XT250 XT500 XT600 TT600 TT600r SRX600 SR500 YSR50 DT Enduro's DT175 DT400 FZ FZR QT50 Yamahopper

Suzuki - RG250 RG500 RGV250 GS GT185 GT250 GT500 TC90 TC120 TS250 R,J, & K

TS350 TM400 T125 T250 T350 T500 Titan DR350 DR100 DR125 DR200 DR500 DR650

Honda - XR CBR600 F1, F2, F3's SL XL XT TT ST Z50 CM

Kawasaki = KZ GPZ ZX KLR 250

Polaris - May work on all models, 400 Sport Scrambler 400 4X4

Vincent - Black Shadow

BSA - ALL Magneto equipped models

Norton - ALL Magneto equipped models

Triumph - ALL Magneto equipped models

Harley Davidson - ALL Magneto equipped models, XR


Compatibility issues:

In general, if it has a permanent magnet flywheel, chances are the Bat-Pac will work.
Older bikes that have a point type magneto can also use the Bat-Pac. If it uses a
Brush type generator/alternator that power the ignition then the Bat-Pac won't work.
The reason for this is because the permanent magnets can induct enough current
in the stator coils to start the engine, whereas brush type charging systems require
a current source with several amps of current capacity to magnetize the windings of the rotor,
and the primary windings of the ignition coils.

The BatPac works on all that have a magneto CDI/ stator alternator systems.
The BatPac is compatible with 6 and 12 volt systems, positive or negative ground.
The BatPac can be used along with a battery for improved voltage output of the charging system .
Testing a BatPac on a non-compatible charging system will not damage anything

Please realize, there is no available power until the motor is running.
If the motorcycle has an electric starter, you will lose this function.

Known Incompatible OEM Systems:


Yamaha - **RD200, 250, 350, and 400 (USA models only)**, XS650, YX600 Radian, XJ750, XJ650, XJ550, Maxim, Seca , WR650

**The RD200, 250, 350, and 400 USA models require battery power to the points,

and the electromagnet rotor windings to work, so the Bat-Pac will not work on

them,. BUT; The later RD400E,F.and G from the UK. and the RD400F&G from Canada

use a magneto CDI, as do the 1980-82 RD350LCs, so they can use the Bat-Pac.

Honda - Sabre V45, C50 C70 C90
Investigating some isolated problems with the Trail CT50 CT70 CT90 CT110
seems to work on newer models

Kawasaki - KZ6501977 and older