Sniper II Low Profile Custom Brake Banjo Fittings

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These are high-quality fittings that can be used in conjunction with our brake lines to satisfy any need.

  • Re-usable fittings. Build 'em for this bike, rebuild them for the next project.
  • Easy to build. Just thread the ends onto your brake lines.
  • No compression parts. No need to replace ferules when re-using fittings. 

Available in Stainless or Black:

  • Straight 
  • 20 degree 
  • 90 degree 
The bottom line: these are simple, safe, effective, economical, easy to build, look great, and perform better than anything else. 
Don't forget the brake line and banjo bolts, if you need them.
  1. Cut hose to correct length using cable cutters, side cutter or a similar tool that will make a clean, straight cut.
  2. Slightly flare the inner PTFE lining of the hose using a mandrel or similar tool to insure the lining is circular and will accept the tapered tail of the fitting.
  3. BEFORE SLIDING THE COLLAR NUT ONTO THE HOSE, insert the tapered end of the fitting into the hose and rotate 3-4 turns into the hose to form a thread.
  4. Rotate the fitting anti-clockwise 3-4 turns and remove.
  5. Before you are able to seat the hose into the collar, the PVC coating first needs to be trimmed. Carefully trim to ensure the brake line bottoms out in the collar, but does not show a gap between collar nut and PVC coating. Make sure only the PVC coating is cut and not the stainless brake line.
  6. Slide the collar over the hose, ensuring the hose is fully seated into the collar.
  7. Fit the fitting into the installed collar, tightening each fitting until proper clocking has been accomplished. This can generally be done by hand using a wrench to hold the collar nut. DO NOT tighten the fittings against the collar nut, there should be a small gap. The distance from the shoulder of the collar nut to the base of the installed fitting should be about 1/16" or 1.0mm-1.5mm.
Once assembled DO NOT LOOSEN fittings. After the larger FINISHING thread is engaged with the collar nut, the hose will need to be trimmed by 1/4"-1/2" and steps 1-6 repeated. 

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  • 5
    Sniper II Banjo Fittings

    Posted by Edward on Sep 3rd 2020

    The Banjo fittings are great and an added plus is they are supplied with the collar. Other suppliers charge extra for this but Revival Cycles always provides the highest quality products and the best possible service.

  • 5
    DIY Custom Brake Lines

    Posted by Charles C. on Jun 28th 2020

    Look fantastic! Little harder to install than Stefan makes it look, but comes with complete instruction on how to install. Great product.

  • 5
    DIY Custom Brake Lines

    Posted by Charles C. on Jun 28th 2020

    Look fantastic! Little harder to install than Stefan makes it look, but comes with complete instruction on how to install. Great product.

  • 4
    Great fittings

    Posted by Ray m. on May 29th 2020

    Verry handy

  • 5
    Goodrideg Banjo Fittinga

    Posted by Tom on Feb 5th 2020

    Appear to be of the highest quality.
    If you have never assembled a Goodridge brake line kit, before. Be sure to order extra brake line to perfect the fit up, before final assembly.

  • 5
    Banjo fittings

    Posted by kevin c. on Oct 29th 2019

    Great product and easy to use.

  • 5
    Banjo fittings

    Posted by Kevin on Jun 1st 2019

    Great product.

  • 4
    Do what they say they will

    Posted by Louis G. on May 8th 2018

    Easy enough to add them onto the brake lines. Look high quality and seem to do the trick.They seem to run a little thin, had to get thicker washers for a tight seal on the bolts.

  • 5
    5mm Brake line and fittings

    Posted by Dan S. on Jan 26th 2018

    I was struggling to find a brake line I could use on a bobber project. Its a 1250cc sporty with a spool hub front on a wide springer, foot clutch and hand shift, fitted with a rear brake only. I was concerned about brake failure so high pressure line was a must. I was also wanted to run the line through the frame. This product was exactly what I needed. Easy install, clean looks, and safe. What more could you ask for when building a project.