Automotive Lithium LiFEPO4 Batteries

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Looking for the best way to upgrade to a faster and lighter vehicle? Introducing the Antigravity Lithium LiFEPO4 Batteries. These batteries weigh 40 lbs less than your standard battery and are 70% lighter than lead. They Conveniently replace your OEM battery so you don’t have to worry about any wasted space or additional modifications. In addition to being extremely lightweight, the life of these batteries are 2 to 3 times that of standard Lead/Acid and other Lithium Batteries due to the Battery Management System. These batteries also come equipped with Antigravity’s exclusive RE-START technology.  


This amazing new technology enables the capability to activate the built in jump-starter using the wireless keyfob. You can also activate the system by pressing the Restart button located on top of the battery. Still not sure what all of this means? If you were to leave your lights on, the Battery Management System that each RE-START battery comes equipped with will put itself into a sleep mode before it is completely drained. This will then enable the battery to have enough energy to restart the without leaving you stranded. 


1) POWER- Antigravity Batteries are the most powerful battery in the smallest, lightest package that is available today. On average, the Antigravity Battery is 1/2 to 2/3 the size of a lead-acid battery, yet puts out twice the cranking amps.  Antigravity batteries are also significantly more powerful than some other lithium batteries on the market.

2) BETTER STARTING- Because of the high power of these batteries you will notice a faster turn-over of the motor, but in addition to that you will have a larger ignition spark due to the fact that the voltage stays much higher than lead-acid on the starting pulse…this aids dramatically in starting the vehicle.
3) LIGHTWEIGHT- Antigravity Batteries are on average 70-80% lighter than the lead-acid battery they replace. When seen in person, the size and weight difference is quite extraordinary. Antigravity Batteries are a fraction of the cost of Titanium or Carbon Fibre, yet offer up 20 times the weight savings of those very expensive products!
4) NO MAINTENANCE- These batteries are no-maintenance batteries… there are no liquids to spill, no trickle charging needed to keep the battery charged (provided there are not parasitic drains occurring)…If your electrical system is functioning properly, and you do not have accessories that drain the battery while your bike is off, you should not have any issues with the battery.
5) NOT DAMAGED BY VIBRATION or HEAT- This is an extremely important point… lead batteries are damaged by vibration and heat, it is one of the causes of early failure in lead-acid batteries. If you have a performance bike or high vibration vehicle like a large twin, the effect is more pronounced. Antigravity Batteries are not affected by vibration!
6) NON-TOXIC- The chemical make-up does not contain highly toxic materials such as acid or lead within the battery.



24AH at 1000CA

30AH at 1200CA

40AH at 1500CA

60AH at 1800CA


Antigravity H5/Group-47 Car Battery

Antigravity H6/Group-48 Car Battery

Antigravity H7/Group-94R Car Battery

Antigravity Group-35/Q85 Car Battery

Antigravity Group-51R Car Battery

Antigravity RS-30 RESTART Car Battery

Antigravity ATX30 RE-START Battery

Antigravity ATX30-HD Battery