Apex 2.8 High Amperage Connector Kit - 2, 3, 4, 6 Pole

$5.00 - $14.00
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Since our discovery of Apex 2.8’s every project receiving a new Reg/Rec has one of these on it. If you find satisfaction in doing things the right way and solace in knowing you could avoid ever having another meltdown then read on.


If you ever come across a toasted or burnt Stator to Regulator connector you recognize a bad thing when you see it but you may be scratching your head as to why it happened. These stator wires carry a significant amount of current and as wire ages and connector terminals corrode resistance builds up generating heat that wears out the thermal protection leading to the discovery of what might look like a burnt marshmallow beneath your seat. 


APEX 2.8 Connectors are a heavy-duty sealed connector ideal for Stator to Regulator connections but versatile enough for many other motorcycle applications. Large terminals means large contact surfaces allowing each to carry up to 40amps of current. Designed to survived harsh automotive conditions under the hood and can be found in many Mopar cars and trucks.



  • Durable Construction

  • 40 amps per terminal

  • Two terminal sizes 14-16AWG and 16-20AWG

  • Watertight

  • Easy to assemble and service

  • Easy release latch with locking mechanism

  • Mounting tab

  • 40 amps per terminal

  • Ideal for Regulator/Rectifier connections but versatile enough for many other applications.

  • Water tight

  • 2, 3, 4, & 6 pole options.

*Each connector is supplied with 14-16AWG terminals, enough to make one mistake. The 16-20AWG Terminals are Gold plated making them expensive if you’re not planning to use them so these are offered as an add-on option in which case you'll receive both terminal sizes.


*On an 8 wire Stator we use a 2 pole for the Field Excitement wires and a 6 Pole for the remaining wires.