OEM-Sized Lithium Batteries

$120.00 - $370.00
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Revival Cycles now brings you the Antigravity OEM Direct Replacement Lithium battery.  While other companies cut corners to provide a less expensive and inferior quality battery, Antigravity meets the demands for the highest quality battery in motorsports, whether for racing or everyday use.   

This latest line of batteries offered in the most popular motorsports batteries sizes. These offer the high-power, lightweight and benefits of the original Antigravity Small Case batteries but the case format allows for OEM direct, drop-in fit. Available up to 600 cranking amps! 

Antigravity Batteries are the latest in lithium battery technology for motorsports vehicles. These batteries offer up to twice the power of lead-acid batteries of a similar physical size and up to 40% more power than other lithium batteries such as Shorai.  Antigravity is the only manufacturer to offer lithium motorsports batteries in two case sizes… the small case: which is the smallest, lightest battery format available, or our newest Direct OEM replacement size for those wanting a stock drop-in fit. With either battery case style you will experience a dramatic weight-loss and much better starting performance.

From a battery just over an inch wide and under a pound that can start 600cc race bikes, to their latest monster at 720 cranking amps, weighing only 5 pounds and can spin up the largest v-twin motors, Antigravity has you covered! Not to mention they offer a 3-year warranty. 

How to Pick the Right Antigravity Battery for Your Bike 


1) POWER- Antigravity Batteries are the most powerful battery in the smallest, lightest package that is available today. On average, the Antigravity Battery is 1/2 to 2/3 the size of a lead-acid battery, yet puts out twice the cranking amps.  Antigravity batteries are also significantly more powerful than some other lithium batteries on the market.

2) BETTER STARTING- Because of the high power of these batteries you will notice a faster turn-over of the motor, but in addition to that you will have a larger ignition spark due to the fact that the voltage stays much higher than lead-acid on the starting pulse…this aids dramatically in starting the vehicle.
3) LIGHTWEIGHT- Antigravity Batteries are on average 70-80% lighter than the lead-acid battery they replace. When seen in person, the size and weight difference is quite extraordinary. Antigravity Batteries are a fraction of the cost of Titanium or Carbon Fibre, yet offer up 20 times the weight savings of those very expensive products!
4) NO MAINTENANCE- These batteries are no-maintenance batteries… there are no liquids to spill, no trickle charging needed to keep the battery charged (provided there are not parasitic drains occurring)…If your electrical system is functioning properly, and you do not have accessories that drain the battery while your bike is off, you should not have any issues with the battery.
5) NOT DAMAGED BY VIBRATION or HEAT- This is an extremely important point… lead batteries are damaged by vibration and heat, it is one of the causes of early failure in lead-acid batteries. If you have a performance bike or high vibration vehicle like a large twin, the effect is more pronounced. Antigravity Batteries are not affected by vibration!
6) NON-TOXIC- The chemical make-up does not contain highly toxic materials such as acid or lead within the battery.