8-Cell Small Case Battery

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The Antigravity 8-cell is only one inch wider than the 4-Cell, but offers twice the power and capacity. This tiny battery is one of our most popular models. It can be used to start race/track bikes up to 1200cc, or handle street duty in bikes up to 800cc. This battery is also a perfect replacement for 350-650cc dirt bikes.

How to Pick the Right Antigravity Battery for Your Bike


  • 300 Pulse CA 240 CCA
  • 9.7 Amp Hours (PbEq)
  • 4.25" Long x 2.25" Wide x 3.75" Tall
  • 1.7 lbs
  • For race vehicles up to 1200cc
  • For street motorcycles up to 800cc
  • Foam included for easy installation
  • Can be installed in any orientation.



1) POWER- Antigravity Batteries are the most powerful battery in the smallest, lightest package that is available today. On average, the Antigravity Battery is 1/2 to 2/3 the size of a lead-acid battery, yet puts out twice the cranking amps. Antigravity batteries are also significantly more powerful than some other lithium batteries on the market.

2) BETTER STARTING- Because of the high power of these batteries you will notice a faster turn-over of the motor, but in addition to that you will have a larger ignition spark due to the fact that the voltage stays much higher than lead-acid on the starting pulse…this aids dramatically in starting the vehicle.

3) LIGHTWEIGHT- Antigravity Batteries are on average 70-80% lighter than the lead-acid battery they replace. When seen in person, the size and weight difference is quite extraordinary. Antigravity Batteries are a fraction of the cost of Titanium or Carbon Fibre, yet offer up 20 times the weight savings of those very expensive products!

4) NO MAINTENANCE- These batteries are no-maintenance batteries… there are no liquids to spill, no trickle charging needed to keep the battery charged (provided there are not parasitic drains occurring)…If your electrical system is functioning properly, and you do not have accessories that drain the battery while your bike is off, you should not have any issues with the battery.

5) NOT DAMAGED BY VIBRATION or HEAT- This is an extremely important point… lead batteries are damaged by vibration and heat, it is one of the causes of early failure in lead-acid batteries. If you have a performance bike or high vibration vehicle like a large twin, the effect is more pronounced. Antigravity Batteries are not affected by vibration!

6) NON-TOXIC- The chemical make-up does not contain highly toxic materials such as acid or lead within the battery.



What are Antigravity Batteries?

Antigravity Batteries are the latest Nanophosphate Lithium Motorsport battery technology. Our batteries work perfect in all 12v vehicle applications (not recommended for use in passenger cars). Our batteries are the smallest, lightest and most POWERFUL batteries available for motorsports vehicles regardless of some of the misleading claims of other manufacturers. Our batteries can offer OVER twice the cranking amps as lead/acid while offering a weight savings of up 80% and be half the size! They do not need any maintenance or trickle charging (if there are no parasitic drains), have a longer life than lead acid, and are non-toxic!

What sets Antigravity Batteries apart from your competitors?

1) We are devoted to building the best product available in terms of performance and durability, but also in regards to design and innovation. We are the only company to offer direct OEM (stock size) replacement batteries in high-power lightweight lithium, AND in ultra-compact “Small-Case” batteries for racers and performance riders. So the customer has the option of ultra high power and lightweight in a stock size OR they can have the ultra-compact “Small-Case” preferred by Racers and performance vehicles….

2) We are honest about our Cranking Amp and Amp Hour numbers… There are a few companies putting out highly inflated, misleading Cranking Amp and Amp Hour numbers. Rest assured that NO company offers more cranking amps or a more powerful batteries than Antigravity Batteries…. We have the smallest and most powerful batteries of ANY company in our Small Case batteries, and have a model as high as 720 Cranking Amps yet only 6″ x 3.4″ x 5.1″ tall. No other company offers that kind of performance in such a lightweight and compact size!

3)We are the only “waterproof” lithium battery available… others claim water-resistant, or are not waterproof at all (Shorai) and will void the warranty if wet. Antigravity IS waterproof. Antigravity does not void the warranty if you get salt on the terminal or over-tighten a terminal, Shorai and Ballistic will void your warranty if these conditions exist. Additionally, we have a 1-year warranty for race use… But the warranty on Ballistic or Shorai is voided for race use…. We know our product can handle the toughest use and stand behind it!

4) We offer the best warranty in Lithium or Lead Batteries… Our warranty is 3 years, a full year longer warranty than Shorai, and we do not have some of the warranty voiding limitations that they do, such “battery cannot be discharged below 12.8 volts” (what battery does not go below 12.8v at some time?). We build a solid product and do not have these product quality limitations. Read the warranties from Antigravity vs. other Lithium battery companies…

5) We are make our batteries here in America and we use Power Cells made by the American manufacturer who provides lithium batteries to World Class companies like Ford, GM, Toyota, and Tesla, just to name a few. We do NOT use the inferior Chinese Lifepo4 cells or the lower powered Pouch/Prismatic Cells that are found in some of the other brands like Shorai. We out-perform other lithium batteries and build our product to withstand the demands or racing and hard use. When you purchase an Antigravity Battery you are getting the best and highest quality in every component from the Power Cells to our overall design and build quality.

Once you start to look closely at your choices and learn about this great new technology we feel Antigravity Batteries will warrant being on first choice list.

Does this battery require trickle charging?

In most cases no… The battery is maintenance-free and can hold a charge for up to a year PROVIDED the bike/vehicle does not have a PARASITIC DRAIN or accessory taking the energy….IF your vehicles charging system is in good working order and you do not have any “parasitic drains” on the bike you should not have to charge this battery rarely, if ever. If you do have longer layoffs, or you bike has accessories creating a drain, you can purchase one of our battery chargers specifically designed for the Lifepo4 technology. See our Batteries Chargers. Trickle charger is required by lead/acid batteries because they have a Natural Discharge… Our batteries do not have this effect.

I see Shorai uses Prismatic Cell and Antigravity is Cylindric… Tell me about the battery cells….What does Antigravity use and why?

The cell is the heart of any battery and there are major quality differences and power differences in them. There are two formats of cells used in Lifepo4 technology…. Cylindric and Prismatic. Cylindric is a small cylindric shaped cell with a metal exterior and Prismatic is a wide flat rectangle wrapped in a foil type covering. Cylindric (like we use) is capable of putting out a much higher Pulse Discharge than the Prismatic form of the battery and puts out a a higher constant current as well.

The Power Cell we use is the most tested, reliable, durable, and powerful Lifepo4 battery cell made, period. A123 Systems is the originator of this type of Nano-Technology cell and no company has yet to produce an equivalent level of performance that this cell offers. The Prismatic form is less expensive and less powerful but does offer lightweight and no maintenance features…but Antigravity believes in having the highest power possible for use as a starting battery. So we stick with the proven, most powerful cells available.

As an example of the power to size ratio of the Antigravity Battery Power Cell vs Prismatic Cell…. A Prismatic Lifepo 18 amp hour (PbEq) battery puts out 220 Cold Cranking Amps… Our 16-cell is a 16 amp hour (PbEq) yet puts out an incredible 480 Cold Cranking Amps DOUBLE the power of the Prismatic, yet amazingly is smaller than the Prismatic….This battery can turn over the Big V-Twins like 124 cubic inch high compression motors, where the larger Prismatic will fail to get past the compression stroke. We always go for POWER first and foremost and we trump all other batteries in this area.

How do I charge the battery?

The Antigravity Battery comes ready to install, and start the bike/vehicle. We do offer a specific “smart”Lithium battery charger that is specifically for charging Lifepo4 Lithium batteries. We have a 4-amp and a 8-amp charger. It will charge the battery to it’s intended peak voltage and will shut off when the battery is charged.

You should NOT use an automobile or motorcycle charger that is specific to lead/acid batteries! They can cause damage to the batteries because they charge in a different way than a specific Lifepo4 Lithium Charger. They often have a Desulfinate feature or an over-voltage “Quick Charging” feature… both of which will damage the Antigravity Battery. Lead acid chargers, in many cases, will overcharge a lithium battery ending up in damage which is not covered under our warranty.

Is there a Warranty?

Yes, a best-in-the-business 3-year warranty. Please click here to check it out.

When you look at a warranty between different manufactures look at the detail…. we see some of the other companies who make similar style batteries have shorter warranties and warranties that are voided if you get salt on their battery terminals, or if you tighten the terminal to over 5lbs of torque…. or if you allow the voltage to drop below 12v…. We feel these limitations only show a lower build quality of these batteries. Make sure you compare warranties in detail. We offer the strongest warranty out there.

How long will the battery last?

This battery should last about 4-5 years, but this will be determined ultimately by how it is used and treated by the consumer. The type of use as a “starter battery” application provides for long life especially if all is well with your electrical system. But in racing and abusive use the lifespan may be much less. Also Parasitic drains or over-draining/over-charging the battery will shorten life dramatically or ruin the battery. Just make sure you are disconnecting the vehicle if in storage and that you do not over charge or let the battery drain below 10.5v and all will be good for a long time.

How do I store the battery?

In the case that you need to store your bike for a long period of time, you should disconnect the battery. If you storing the battery out of the bike just put in a cool dry place and cover the terminals with tape to protect from accidental shorting of the positive and negative terminals. The battery can hold its charge for up to a year, but check it every 6 months. Do not leave a battery connected if you know you will not be riding for a long time.

What is the range of voltage for the batteries?

The Antigravity Battery normal voltage is 13.2v. The battery will read up to 14.7V immediately after charging. The normal operating range will read between 13.3-14.5V. After a few hours it will self balance to the 13.3-7 range which is its normal state of charge. The maximum voltage the battery should be exposed to is 14.7V. On the lower end of the voltage range the battery should be put on a charger if the battery voltage gets drops below the 12.5V range while sitting. The voltage should not be allowed to drop below 10.5V while at rest. Permanent damage will occur at below 10.5 volts.

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  • 5
    Antigravity 8cell

    Posted by Juan S. on Feb 2nd 2017

    Second bike I install a Antigravity Battery. Money well spend.

  • 5
    awesome battery

    Posted by Joshua Z. on Sep 19th 2016

    awesome battery

  • 5
    Musta have on a custom bike

    Posted by Christian A. on Aug 4th 2016

    Ready to start a CB 750 bored to 823cc, must have on custom bike

  • 5
    Big power in a small package

    Posted by Charles L. on Jul 10th 2016

    So far the little battery cranks like a champ.

    My first shot at using a Lithium battery on a bike.

    Time will tell.

  • 5
    awesome battery

    Posted by Shawn C. on Mar 30th 2016

    Exactly as described

  • 5
    awesome power and size is perfect!

    Posted by Mark S. on Dec 14th 2015

    Couldnt ask for a better battery!

  • 5
    Good guys over there

    Posted by Christopher C. on Aug 19th 2015

    had a few hiccups on this order. Never had a problem before but they went the extra mile to make everything right. And they were always there when I called or had any technical questions

  • 5
    Great battery. Huge weight and size reduction. But, don't forget to buy a charger.

    Posted by Dominic M. on May 22nd 2015

    I got this battery for the same reason that many riders do: to relocate my battery to less visible location and reduce size and weight in the process. Thus far it has been absolutely perfect for that criteria. On my BMW R80/7 I was able to mount the battery in a small box below the bikes swingarm, and you barely notice it's there.

    The only issue I had with the battery is that when I was rebuilding the bikes electrical system, I put quite a lot of use on the battery without having the bike running to recharge the battery. This isn't a scenario that most people might run into, but for me, I realized that in order to get the battery back up to charge, I would need to buy a charger and this type of battery will not work with a standard trickle charger (it's apparently quite dangerous to do so). You need to buy a special charger for these Lithium Ion batteries, and my recommendation would be to just go ahead and get one now, when you buy your battery, rather than waiting until you need it. The charger isn't very expensive, but is hard, if not impossible, to find at your average auto parts store.

  • 5

    Posted by Oscar R. on May 23rd 2014

    The battery is working great !