1993 Porsche 928 GTS

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If your childhood fantasies included exotic cars of the 1970’s and 80’s, the Porsche 928 was likely to be very high on the list of machines you’d hope to own one day. This was and still is truly a dream machine worthy of the praise and adoration that many a young boy gave to it.

This pristine example is like a time capsule that is as good and as powerful as the 928 model ever got. This is a 1993 Porsche 928 GTS and it has survived without mishaps or mishaps. If you’re looking to buy one to actually drive and enjoy, don’t look any further.

The specs of this car are quite simple. The engine was the 5.4liter 32V V8 that made 345hp and 369ft.lbs. of torque. That means it was the fastest 928 ever built with a top speed over 170mph! These cars were built from 1977-1995 and the 1992-1995 GTS models were the quickest, most powerful and most advanced by far. There were only 2,904 of these made and only about 140 of them in this spec were made in 1993. That means this car is super rare and likely one of only a couple that are actually still in original, low-mileage and perfectly cared for condition.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a finer or cleaner 928 of any vintage or model out there. This one came fully loaded with every option available at the time. It came equipped with the 10-speaker factory premium sound, but it was recently upgraded with $8k worth of stereo equipment that was tastefully installed and still has a full factory appearance other than the modern Porsche single-DIN head unit that fits perfectly in the factory stereo slot without damaging anything or looking out of place. The entire speaker system was all replaced with FOCAL speakers and with a separate 5-channel amp and small JL audio sub with enclosure being installed in the truck area. (see photos) As well, there is a wireless phone charger installed in the center console (hidden under the armrest) along with a full Lithium-Ion battery in the trunk with a fully integrated power-reserve to prevent the battery from draining and leaving you stranded. ($1k for battery). 

The interior is all black leather and in near perfect condition with no rattles or squeaks and surprisingly with everything in working order. (FYI, the rear cargo cover was replaced with a brand new unit since the photos were taken) Everything works and there are no crazy warning lights or computer error codes being displayed. The car came original with metallic silver paint that is currently hiding underneath a protective matte dark grey vinyl wrap. (*We can negotiate removal of this if a purchase deal with that contingency is made). The paint underneath is unblemished and still shines perfectly. (we can also provide photos of the car without the wrap).

This is a canadian spec car with 60k pampered miles on it. All maintenance was kept up with. $10k was recently spent to chase a few gremlins and to do a few major maintenance repairs. The differential pump and fluid were replaced, along with new struts and suspension bushings to keep the car feeling new and solid. The tires were replaced a few thousand miles ago and are still almost new and fresh. 

The true story of this car can really be told with the photos and receipts of maintenance and repair. This car has spent its life being babied and it spent its last few years with a VERY meticulous owner who has spared no expense. He spent over $35,000 in the last few years to give the car the respect and perfection it deserves. No stone was left unturned and this car is truly better than the day it left the showroom in almost every way. Come drive this car and you’ll certainly want to drive it home.